At the age of 9, Dr. Victor Tricoche experienced the power of chiropractic, he was suffering from severe neuro-muscular issues with constant muscle twitches and uncontrollable upper body jerks.  Having tried many different medical doctors and medications none were able to help or find the cause of the problem, until he was cared for by a chiropractor, Dr. Neysa Rafols. After a couple of months of adjustments he recovered and since his life has been transformed.

Dr. Tricoche’s passion is educating the public about chiropractic and the control of our nervous system. He has been on the radio, newspaper and is a guest speaker at schools, churches, clubs and other public arenas. He teaches on how chiropractors adjust to rid the body of nerve interference, so that the power that God put in the body can heal it. Dr. Tricoche’s practice consists of newborns to his oldest patient of 100 years old.  While some chiropractors focus on neck and back pain, he focuses on a more full body holistic approach to wellness care. Through adjustments, exercise, nutrition, supplements and a healthy mindset, he can address and help with most health concerns.

“My passion is to see people get well through the miracles of chiropractic and true health”


To see happy and healthy families in Brevard County have the opportunity to live a life of abundance through the innate power that God put in our body.


To educate and empower every man, woman and child with the truth about health and its principles through chiropractic care.